Friday, November 2, 2012

Best brand Tumblr accounts

The most successful brands - especially those that look to younger audiences as potential consumers - tend to do a great job of utilizing one or several social media platforms to further their message and appeal. Being on Twitter is great, but why not be on Instagram and Tumblr (if appropriate) as well?

A main ingredient for successful tumbling is consistently updated content. Another big one? Images, words, music, visuals, and others that give followers a sense of what the brand is about - or at least how the brand wants users to view it.

 Whether brands choose to incorporate personal content or simply re-tag other accounts' info, they still caught my attention.

Here are some for general perusing pleasure with samples of their posted content:

Milk Studios - This arts-centered studio located in NYC always has several new daily posts, links to relevant articles, videos, and artists,  as well as links to and from Twitter. A+ for aggregating various branches of its content to Tumblr.

Fred Flare - The rolling, random content found in this account makes it worth the visit as its an exact representation of the novelty store itself, that is, you never know what you're going to get. Albeit random, everything is always awe-inspiring.

Rachael Ray Mag - This account feels less like a planned marketing campaign, and more like a virutal account - which is actually manned by the editors behind the mag - that folds together personal behind-the-scenes of the mag pictures with artsy recipe pics via the Rachael Ray Instagram account (@RachaelRayMag), plus links to pictures, videos, and more. Just as down-to-earth as the chef herself.

The Strand - An iconic NYC bookstore that can be described as the Trader Joe's of the publishing world (employees here are mulling about, happy, helpful, and plentiful, to boot, with a wide array of fun things to look at plus reasonably priced items), this account hosts book pics, quotes, funny ideas, responses to reader's questions, and more.

Modcloth - The indie online shop (one can usually find advertising banners amidst bloggers' sidebars), does a great job of  answering user questions, posting tons of pretty pics each day (from vintage black and white photos to user submissions and everything in-between), providing links to the cool stuff that is featured, and giving viewers behind-the-scenes glimpses of the goings-on at the retailer.

Macy's - The department store behemoth has done an admirable job of using its Tumblr account as host to artsy, fashiony, and aspirational images, even if stores like Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman are probably better suited to such things. Or are they? At least that is what this Tumblr has us asking.

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