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The goods from Resort 2013

Even though Resort collections seem like the odd, redheaded stepchildren of fashion seasons amidst the glamorous Couture collections, the bread-and-butter fall/winter and spring/summer collections and the exciting pre-fall collections, it's all the better for the truly great pieces in Resort to stand out amidst other less memorable wares.

Though I cherry pick my way through most shows, choosing a few pieces from each designer that I found to be particularly inspiring or that appealed to my sense of style, I rarely am head-over-heels about most of a single collection. Just like I'm that girl that loves iTunes because I can cherry pick certain songs I like from an artist instead of buying an album with songs that I don't care for. But, metaphors aside, back to Resort. There are lines that make a believer out of me each and every season, as I end up liking every (or almost every) piece that is shown. Such is the case with designers like Erin Fetherston, Naeem Khan, Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier and Temperley London. These designers are, to me, the heavy hitters that I can always rely on to produce beautiful creations that are both lovely to look at and complementary to the wearer.

Key trends of Resort 2013:
  • Allover floral patterns 
  • Delicate, ankle strap heels
  • Neons
  • Pleats

Some of my favorite pieces from the Resort 2013 shows:
(photos c/o

Erin Fetherston: I cannot recall a single Erin Fetherston show where, after I've browsed the offerings she sent down the runway, I decided I wasn't a fan of that particular season. I've literally loved every single year of shows because she sticks to her design aesthetic - bright, fun, feminine pieces - while still managing to draw from different inspirations each season and tweak her line in unique ways for every new launch.

Oscar de la Renta: The king of opulent elegance, himself. Rich jewel tones amidst allover springy flower prints dominated the show and there was the usual, stunning parade of gorgeous gowns cut from luxurious fabrics that caboosed the other pieces. These are the wares for the aspirational clotheshorse.

Temperley London: Designer Alice Temperley is responsible for creating new offerings for not just one, but two labels (Temperley London and Alice by Temperley) every season, so the fact that every single skirt, dress, shirt, sweater, shoe that came down the runway for her Temperley London line would be scored an A+ goes to show how talented (and hardworking) she is. If I wore Temperley London nonstop for a year straight, I still don't think I would tire of it, such is its appeal to me. Like Erin Fetherston, this label never lets me down. I know what recurring themes to expect from the line's offerings each season (ladylike, polished, light to no embellishments) and thus I'm never disappointed.

Naeem Khan: This design house reminds me of a minimalistic Marchesa; though there are ornate and theatrical details in every piece of this collection, these details are so peripheral so that the garment allows the wearer to be the focus as it provides the perfect, lovely backdrop. Neutrals and bright hues shared space in this Resort 2013 launch, allowing for a mix of subdued and jubilant elegance.

Monique Lhuillier: Lhuillier's collection highlights all that is feminine without resorting to the stereotypical pastels, frills and flowing swaths of fabrics that are commonly instituted in other designers' collections when they are trying to play up femininity. Lhuillier incorporatess pinks, yellows, oranges and greens - all neon - in pieces throughout this collection, and cuts each dress, be it a sheath or a gown, in an almost aggressive style that displays subtle curves. In other words, this collection does put an emphasis on femininity, but it is a bold, confident femininity that celebrates women that aren't shrinking violets. Yes, there are flowing gowns, but in eye-popping hues, and there are floral patterns to be found, albeit in abstract forms that could be described as Monet-meets-Kandinsky.

Bottega Veneta:


 (That jacket. What I would give for that jacket.)

Carlos Miele:

Donna Karan:

(I love this because of the watercolor-esque pale blue tint that seems to fade near the center of the outfit.)


 (I love how the models have swapped prints, creating an interesting mix of two rather different bold florals that somehow still work.)

(Just like with Monique Lhuillier, black makes an unusual, but welcome appearance in these Rorschach-esque flower prints. And how about that lovely lace top on the right?)

Rachel Roy:

 (Lavender trouser pants with a mini cummerbund-ish waist. Yes, please.)

(Yellow dresses are my favorite, and combined with those nude and red ankle strap heels, this is perfection.)

Rachel Zoe:


Ports 1961:

(I'm a fan of the dress, but my attention is drawn to those perfect nude heels. Barely visible straps elongate the legs and add an minimalistic polish to the look.)

St. John:

(Proportion perfection with a flared peplum skirt and fitted pencil skirt. The cinched waist adds the finishing touch.)



 (The marriage of a long sleeve harlequin print dress and a neon striped blazer is a perfect dash of chaos while the nude heels keep the look grounded.)

Yigal Azrouel:

 (Perfect pant length to showcase those gorgeous heels.)

 (Lovely cobalt skirt, and again with the showstopper heels.)

(The flattering racerback cut paired with hourglass-shaped seams make for the perfect summery dress.)

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