Thursday, July 5, 2012

Local Spotlight - Snow & Company ~ Artful Frozen Cocktails

I'm an ice cruncher. I prefer my drinks to be chock-full of crushed (not cubed, please) ice whereby I can simultaneously crunch and sip on...whatever beverage I've chosen to crunch and sip on. I am also a lover of (artfully concocted) cocktails, especially I have the option of ordering a "taster pack" so that I can try the whole kit and caboodle without committing to just one drink. If you like tasty, granulated iced beverages that are made fresh every day in a sleek shop manned by a funny, informative mixologist-cum-juicer-cum-waiter, then head on over to Snow and Company - an orange-exteriored, blue- and green-interiored, modish bistro that sells unique frozen cocktails and light meals.

Located on Wyandotte Street in the Kansas City Crossroads district, Snow and Company - which has been open for less than a year - is known for its unique icy, mixed, smoothie-esque drinks that are made fresh several times per day and that churn in slushie machines that can be seen from the front door.

The interior is very spacious and has a mod element to it. The decor fuses stark industrial elements (high, exposed ceilings and simple, streamlined furniture) with warm, relaxing touches (a wide palette of design colors, comfy chairs and couches) that strike the perfect balance.

When my friend Shannon and I walked in, Adam (the aforementioned mixologist-cum-juicer-cum-waiter) greeted us jovially and told us he'd be with us in a minute after he quickly finished juicing a few fruits. Snow and Company offers happy hour on items like glass wines, Boulevard beer and snacks such as quinoa and hummus and THEN there are more drinks to consider.

This is when Adam showed up. He was juicing all of the fruits that are used in every drink in the store, as the drinks are made fresh as many times as needed per day. There is a full page of drinks offered on the menu, such as Snow Drinks which are chilled and iced, including the Sunshine Boulevard, made with lemonade, a Boulevard Wheat and 360 Vodka from Weston, Missouri or The Rockefeller, which is an iced Manhattan made with Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, cherries, sweet vermouth, bitters and simple syrup. Then there are Hot-Tails, such as the Tres Irish which combines Tres Leche liquer, Jameson and Oddly Correct's Pot Kettle Black coffee. Shots are available, as are beer and wine, as well as non-alcoholic drinks such as the Rieger Hotel Cola, which the local restaurant actually creates itself, as well as Soda Vie's cucumber soda.

This is when we found out that there are tasters options for trying a little bit of some drinks instead of a lot of just one drink. There is a Frozen Flight that offers three different flavors, and then there are two types of tasting trays: one that serves five small tasters, and one that serves 10.
Shan and I opted to each get a Frozen Flight.
Adam let us know about a few drinks that aren't on the regular menu, including:
a) The Fashionista - a mix of strawberry puree, moonshine and whiskey
b) The Pink Slipper - a mix of bitters and grapefruit and ginger liquor infusions
c) The Crossroads Iced Tea - similar to a Long Island Iced Tea, this drink mixes five liquors with root beer. The side note in this description was that this drink is so good that it will sneak up on you.

Shannon chose The Pink Slipper, Elbow's Sexual Chocolate (mixed with spiced Christopher Elbow chocolate, St. Germain, Cointreau and milk), and The Fashionista.
I chose The Fashionista, The Rockefeller, and the Sailor's Gold (Sailor Jerry spiced rum, lemonade, Gran Gala, orange juice and pineapple juice).

(Left to right: The Fashionista, Sailor's Gold, The Rockefeller)

The Fashionista was the lightest and easiest to drink, which surprised up both considering that it was mostly a whiskey-moonshine drink.
Elbow's Sexual Chocolate was good, though thick, and it started out tasting like a Wendy's chocolate shake and ended with an overt spiciness that tasted like Christmas...if you can try and picture that.
The Pink Slipper I really enjoyed, though the tartness of the grapefruit showed up early to the party and never left.
Sailor's Gold was creamier than The Fashionista due to the orange juice, but was just as refreshing.
The Rockefeller tasted like...well, a Manhattan. It can be a little rough going down in smoothie form, though, as every little ice crystal sticks to your throat, ensuring that your tastebuds really milk out every bit of liquor.

(Co-owner Jerry and Adam kicking it behind the counter)

There are two happy hours every day that include light meals and drinks, the shop is relaxed and spacious, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the drinks are delicious and fresh. Pay Snow and Company a visit when in town and follow the company's musings on Twitter at @SnowAndCompany whenever you aren't in the neighborhood.

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