Friday, August 24, 2012

Amazing brand Pinterest pages

Is there anyone in the wide world that hasn't spent a few days hours ahem, minutes on Pinterest, the online "inspiration board" that now serves as a way for people to share their likes, loves, wants, and needs with a slew of other viewers? Pinterest's claim to fame isn't just acting as a website to host users likes, but instead serves as a hybrid of sorts; one part magazine, one part forum, one part instruction manual. Pinterest's function is simply to inspire, which is does by connecting users who urge each other to expand their creative horizons. It is, after all, much easier to get started on a project - be it a clothing DIY or a recipe - when you see (via her pictures posted to her Pinterest board, of course) the success your best friend had with it, as opposed to seeing the project in the pages of Martha Stewart Living, where impossibly perfect projects scare away all but the most experienced crafters.

Brands have caught on to the amazing opportunities Pinterest presents for engaging with consumers. Some have expanded onto the site by pinning pictures of their upcoming releases (example: LOFT) while other brands prefer to pin photos that represent the way that they want their consumers to view them (example: Neiman Marcus) using their brand USP.

Pinterest, like Instagram, is about whetting the customer's whistle to buy or do. Whether it's by taking LOFT's approach and showcasing upcoming designs so as to increase excitement for a launch, or by surrounding consumers with images of what the brand "represents" so that said consumer will buy the product/service in an attempt to gain the same connotations associated with the brand.

Let's break Pinterest down by interests.
Are you a foodie? Why not check out Kraft, Rachael Ray Mag, America's Test Kitchen,
or Nestle?


Rachael Ray Mag

America's Test Kitchen

Nestle Kitchens

Interested in magazines? Hop on over to Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, New Beauty, Details, or Womens Wear Daily.


Harper's Bazaar

New Beauty



Some stellar clothing brand pages: Topshop, Marc Jacobs, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Todd Snyder.


Marc Jacobs

Urban Outfitters

Free People

Todd Snyder

How about some beauty brands? Julep, Too Faced, Tarte, and Sephora make the goings-on within this industry very fun to watch.


Too Faced



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