Saturday, August 18, 2012

Brands with amazing Instagram accounts

It seems the cat's out of the bag. This is my third post about Instagram, so it is safe to say that I'm a fan of the app. This particular social media platform is great for some brands, but can be near useless for others. Instagram is the photogenic hub for inspiration that comes from the frequently updated pictures that individual users can upload whenever. It's like the mobile, real-time version of Pinterest. And brands that have strong identities and that are able to communicate their brand valus to customers with a simple flash of the camera have done quite well for themselves. For a brand to do well on Instagram, it has to post pictures that inform or, more importantly, inspire its viewers. So even though Home Depot is an incredibly successful store, people aren't dying to scroll through filtered pictures of tractors and two-by-fours, knowwhatI'msaying? Not the ideal type of brand to utilize Instagram. On the other hand, bakeries, cosmetics companies, clothing companies, department stores and generally any entitity whose livelihood is based on the pleasure and "feel-goodness" that its customers gain when they use buy said brand's/store's products - these are the ones that Instagram is perfect for.

Some of the brands that are keeping their presences alive and well on the platform include:

@alice_olivia = alice + olivia by Stacy Bendet - Pretty, colorful pictures showcase the brand's "lovely and whimsical" USP always make me feel happy when I stumble upon the latest Instagram pics. Seriously, see below umbrella picture. Smiled, didn't you?

@rebeccaminkoff = Rebecca Minkoff - Minkoff's line of accessories would be alluring even without an Instagram account to showcase them every day, but the team behind this brand's social media presence cranks out great stuff that makes Minkoff stand our in the forefront of my mind. From the pithy, consistently updated Twitter account to the cheeky Instagram photos, viewers get the idea that those at the helm of this brand are both talented and genuine. And funny. See below photo.

@bcbgeneration = BCBGeneration - Provides an easy mix of down-to-earth, fun-having photos as well as pics that exude glamour and attitude. 

@marcjacobsintl = Marc Jacobs - I've always had the feeling that Marc Jacobs loves to push the envelope just to see how far people will go in their pursuit of fashion. I think that he has a tongue-in-cheek approach to life, taking nothing too seriously, but having fun all the same. The brand's Instagram serves as a perfect way to display images that support my theory.

@targetstyle = Target - Target secures it's place as the country's the foremost purveyor of chic-yet-inexpensive goods with these pics.

@henribendel = Henri Bendel - A store dedicated to providing its customers with decadent, gilt-edged, glitzy odds n' ends (purses, key fobs, jewelry) gives the same e-treatment via Instagram with photos of its in-store offerings and of pictures of NYC. (Side note: The holiday windows of its New York shop are beautiful, as is the holiday catalogue).

@topshop = Topshop - This British import has captured American hearts with its adorable, on-trend outfits and accessories that seem to be a fusion of the H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Target aesthetics.

@anthropologiecom = Anthropologie - Anthropologie, like J Crew, has mastered the art of "disinterested chic" AKA "I'm going to plan out my outfits so that they look crisp, tailored and on-trend, but by accident. Not like I meant to." And yet I'm hooked line and sinker by these pictures that always make me want to immediately be transported to wherever said pics are taken.

@narsissist = Nars - Using the same username for both the Twitter and Instagram accounts, @narssisist is one to follow as the short statements always leave me intrigued and the pictures never leave me wanting. The fact that Nars products are luxurious and last forever is wonderful in and of itself, but the behind-the-scenes pictures of the brand's artists, events and goodies are always a pleasant treat.

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