Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beauty Items - The Birthday Wish List

Well folks, it's my golden birthday. I take that to mean that it's an uber-special birthday (the likes of which stopped at 21 and will reconvene at 30), and as such, I'd like to take a few moments to celebrate accordingly by compiling a birthday list of the beauty products I've been panting over for the past few months. I figure that a birthday Santa is lying in wait somewhere to grant me these lovely gifts; like he knows that I've been a good person all year long and haven't indulged in purchasing any beauty products and as such will grant me a few items on my list.
So, that's the goal for obtaining these awesome goodies.

1. D& G 3 L'Imperatrice Perfume - Created by design duo Domenico Dolce and Stephano Gabbana, this perfume is one of five based on characters in tarot cards, with L'Imperatrice, French for 'The Empress', being one of them. This perfume literally smells like a cool breeze, and not just the smell of fresh air, but it feels like a cool breeze is hitting me when I smell it. Odd description, I know, but you must try it for yourself to see.

2. Oribe 24-Karat Gold Pomade - This hair pomade was created with bits of actual gold so as to add serious luster to strands. So when people say, "Chelsea, your hair is so money," I will say, "Yes. Yes it is." Oh, and I also think it will shimmer prettily when the sun hits my hair.

3. Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Shiap - I've never met a bright lip color that didn't deter me due to it's flashy presence, but Schiap is different. This almost hot pink lipstick brings out my eyes and has long-lasting wear without bleeding outside of the lipline. Fun fact is that all of the products in the Nars line are named after people, places or things that Francois Nars himself is inspired by. Schiap is named after clothing designer Elsa Schiaparelli, who was recently commemorated at this year's MET Costume Institute Gala along with designer Miuccia Prada. 

4. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Ophelia - Yes, another bright pink lip color. But this one is a lip gloss, albeit the most intensely pigmented lip gloss that I've ever used, but high opacity is this brand's claim to fame. This indie beauty line has blown out of the water the standards of what constitutes acceptable color payoff in cosmetics and does so while keeping its product price points low. I also love that the brand doesn't create shades of lipglosses that lie solely in the red-pink-mauve category. Instead, in the Lip Tar line you'll find emerald green glosses alongside violet, royal blue and yellow.

5. Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Candy Shop - This polish color is milky pink with flecks of multicolored confetti mixed in. Skeptic that I am, upon first seeing the colors in the polish bottle, I argued that it looked like something a Toddlers and Tiaras contestant would wear. However, after having tested the shade out on one of my nails, I had to eat my words; I now want this polish more than anything. Only a single coat of lacquer is needed for this color to completely cover a nail, which is a godsend when dealing with psycho glitter pieces that usually end up EVERYWHERE BUT ON MY NAIL.

6. Ultraflesh Panthera Jet-Black Mascara - After you read the name of the mascara, you immediately thought of the scene in Anchorman where Paul Rudd says, "Sex Panther. Sixty percent of the time it works every time." Am I right? Well, that's the first though that popped into my head. Seriously, though, this mascara has received rave reviews even though it is only featured on What a conundrum. But I'd still like to give it a go.

7. Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam - Hello, luxury! I was recommended to use this cleanser by a friend, who said that this was the creamiest, softest cleanser that she had ever used, and only a pea-size drop to mix with water was needed per cleaning. I was skeptical at first, because though I am a beauty junkie, I'm no fool. I know that many products that come in fancy packages with a designer name (and price tag) generally work just like every other brand. And what does it even mean to "brighten" the skin? Will I glow? Do I even want to glow? So many times brands claim very interesting things on their packaging while the product leaves much to be desired. This cleanser is different, though -  magical, you could say. It really does brighten the skin, which may make it worth the $35 it will cost you to get it.

8. DuWop Caribbean IcedTeas gloss stick in Passionfruit - This cool little product looks like a lipstick, but glides on like a solid lipgloss, dispensing a product that is neither overly goopy nor ultra pigmented. The Passionfruit shade smells so good that the first time I caught a whiff, I promptly inhaled about half a dozen more times to the point where I probably overstepped some social boundary about excessive cosmetic sniffing, but whatever. If you can resist licking all of the product off of your lips as soon as you apply, you should give this a go.

9. La Mer Moisturizing Cream - It's the cult product that has been mentioned in numerous books, movies and magazines and is touted by one celeb after another whom all claim to use this miracle cream. A friend of mine said that when she borrowed some La Mer cream from her mom, it cleared up her blemishes overnight. An acquaintance of mine also commented on how soft her usually dry skin became after a few nightly applications of this cream. Yes, it's on the expensive side, but with all of these great reviews from users who claim that it's worth every penny, I feel like it'd be worth it. And I've been wanting to try it's magical potion properties for years now. Hear that, birthday Santa?

10. Uptown Soap Co. Black Honey Soap - Because it's made in New York, has a black and white photo of a brownstone on its wrapper and it doesn't contain sulfates. Ultimate trifecta of cool, right there.

11. Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case - Behold the palette of colors that will end all searches for that perfect arsenal of makeup. Packaged inside of a clear, divided case comes 12 cream colors that are so pigmented that less than a pea-size amount of any hue will give you a gratuitous color payoff, which makes each color perfect for blending and layering with all other colors in the set. These creams can be used anywhere on the face, and by simply mixing two or more of the given colors together, you can create a plethora of new colors; this in itself will save you money as you'll no longer have the need to buy individual products henceforth.

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