Sunday, May 13, 2012

My cool friend Sara

In my previous post about Donna's Dress Shop, I casually mentioned how we all have that one friend whose sense of style intimidates us due to the mix of ingenuity and casualness with which it is carried out. Well, this is my friend Sara and she is that friend of mine.

Sara here never has a fashion misstep. And her style choices aren't pre-meditated hours in advance, which makes her the real deal of cool. She has collected some awesome clothing pieces from her mom, has found great vintage items (hello awesome Gucci skirt), and can wear (and make look great) things with ease that wouldn't work on 95% of the population (mustard yellow capri corduroys, for one. Every time I saw her wear these, I would both profess my love for and lament my inability to wear them. It was tragic. Probably just for me, though.).

And because she is such a great sport, she even took a picture of her outfit when I said I wanted to do a post on her style. 

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