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Fall/Winter 2012 - My favorite runway pieces, part two

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And away we go!

No. 8 - Sachin + Babi dress
The perfectly symmetrical tiles and the small sheer panels of the sleeveless top mesh exceedingly well with the flared a-line black skirt. A look that can effortlessly transition from day to night without much else needing to be added or removed. A++

No. 9 - Sachin + Babi black dress
Much like the Sachin + Babi dress featured in the aforementioned text, this piece makes me want to give a hearty round of applause to the design duo for having created it. The dress itself is lovely, with the leather t-shirt top and a-line, semi-sheer skirt overlay. However, the dress's appeal also lies in the fact that I believe any woman could wear this outfit and completely customize it to her style.

No. 10 - Prabal Gurung peacock dress
The first time I saw this dress, I was reminded of peacocks due to the intricate, feather-shaped lazer-cut shapes in the iridescent blue fabric. I love the small sparkly bits that thin out toward the edges of the dress, seemingly like stars in the sky. I also like this dress because it keeps prompting me to spew metaphors into its description.

No. 11 - L'Wren Scott cape
First off, I've almost never met a cape I didn't like. That having been said (typed) even if I wasn't a fan of capes, there is no way that I'd not like this fantastical, resplendent, furry, royal-hued number. Just imagine the street cred you'd obtain (and fun you'd have, no doubt) if you strutted around in this all day long. It looks cozy too, so it could probably double nicely as makeshift down comforter.

No. 12 - Kevork Kiledjian leather dress
Inspired by the Helmut Newton aesthetic, this dress epitomizes sultriness - no uber-short hems or bared skin necessary.

No. 14 - Juan Carlos Obando mint ensemble
The mint hue of the jacket and skirt indicates a summery vibe, yet the fur keeps the outfit firmly grounded in autumnal territory. The satin flats and full-length sleeves hint toward daytime wear, yet the sternum-exposing blouse and waving skirt hem veer toward after-hours wear.The choice is left to the wearer as to which occasion it will be best suited for.

No. 15 - Juan Carlos Obando t-shirt dress
A t-shirt usually invokes a casual, laid-back appeal, but the wave of the skirt hem as well as the silky finish and slim fit of the dress makes it perfect for a variety of occasions. I'm ticking them off in my head as I type...birthday party, happy hour, date night, basketball game...
Maybe not a basketball game, but who knows?

No. 16 - Jil Sander color palette
What a perfect trio of colors. Palest icy blue, light taupe and Pantone shade 230 combine together to create a beautiful vision in pastel. I am in awe of how delicate thr near-invisible neckline appears. The satin, pointy-toed heels rounds off this ballerina-esque look quite beautifully.

No. 17 - Jil Sander gown
Calvin Klein may have made "the nude dress" popular, but Raf Simons has perfected it. If Grace Kelly were with us today, I suspect she would have gravitated toward this gown.

No. 18 - Hermes suit
I can't even put into word the amazing qualities of this suit. I just keep looking at the photo as if a plethora of adjectives will fly at me, but no. I guess that's the sign of something great - speechlessness (typelessness?)

No. 19 - Christian Dior ballet-esque skirt + lace-embellished top
Frothy, in a word, sums up this punch-colored ensemble. The delicate, semi-transparent skirt is complemented by the structured, lace brocade top. I can see someone like Poppy Delevigne doing her thing in this outfit.

No. 20 - Markus Lupfer sweatshirt + miniskirt combo
I appreciate that Markus Lupfer acknowledged the fact that seasonal runway offerings don't have to follow by-the-book rules for lengths and fabrics. I love wearing cardigans and shrunken sweatshirts over shorts and dresses during summer, so it's a pleasant reprieve to see the pairing of similar styles in his line.

No. 21 - Viktor and Rolf suit
The silky shirt plus the seemingly jersey-like quality of the fabric and the slits in the pant hems lend this look a feminine air while the slashed, pillowy edged sleeves add a Shakespearean element into the mix. An inspired, new take on a timeless classic.

No. 22 - Viktor and Rolf 2-in-1
A cape and a wool trench in one. Be still my heart. Why choose between a cape and a trench at all? Finally a 2-in-1 I'd want to wear. High fashion : Viktor and Rolf :: Loungewear : Snuggie

No. 22 - Luisa Beccaria lace frock
So sweet.

No. 23 - Manish Arora dress
Because this would be a treat to wear. I'm about 99.343% positive that I would smile for the entire period in which I was wearing this frock. The Manish Arora line is always full of fun, vibrant prints. I first learned of the brand through the MAC collaboration a while back, and I've been a fan ever since. Also, those booties.

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