Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In this Issue No. 3 - Emerald earrings

No. 3: Sometimes it's the four-page long articles in a magazine that catch my attention and change my perspective on something. Other times it can be a book review that succinctly wraps up the general idea and feel of said book that causes me to want to read an author's newest offering. But small things, such as a quote from within an interview or a piece of clothing in a trend montage, catch my attention all the time.

I'm not sure which magazine this photo came from (possibly InStyle because each issue has a jewelry page) but I know that I loved the vibrant green of these earrings. The price of the exact pair featured in the photo is probably in the ballpark of $don'teventhinkaboutit, but I became determined to find my own glittering pair.

It must have been the dry season for vert-hued jewelry, because despite my in-store searching and online scouting, I consistently came up empty-handed. Isn't there a saying that goes along the lines of, "You'll never find what your looking for once you start looking for it"? And yet, the moment you neglect to Sherlock something to death, you find the thing you were searching for around every corner.

Perhaps the gods of commerce took pity on me, because as I was meandering around a store decidedly not looking for anything in particular, I found a pair of earrings with the qualities for which I had been searching. Rich green color? Check. Dangly? Check. Dramatic? Semi-check. Not thousands of dollars? Aw yeah check.

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