Sunday, March 11, 2012

Local spotlight - Chez Elle

Chez Elle, a creperie and coffeehouse in Kansas City, is a hidden gem of an eaterie that's worth its weight in gold. I'd heard of it and happened to drive past it one day. Whilst driving, I caught sight of the Chez Elle sign in my periph and pulled an immediate u-turn in my car until I had sidled up to the curb out front. Chez Elle was converted from a historic theater into a restaurant, so it's got the charm appeal on its side. Catching the facade near dusk didn't hurt the ambiance either.

The menu is divided into sweet, savory and breakfast crepes as well as drinks and desserts.

The old ticket booth has been converted nicely right next to the register. The girl that took my order was friendly and gave me the rundown of the menu offerings, including her favorite crepes.

The coffee served(this part is important) was a delicious, nutty roast. Serve me a delectable cup of coffee and I'd be willing to excuse a multitude of sins. Chez Elle, however, backed up a delicious cup of joe with an even more delicious crepe. The Acropolis crepe is made with buckwheat batter, chicken, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and baby spinach covered in cucumber sauce.

It was so good that I've already chosen the crepe(s) for my next visit:
Le Franco, which has caramelized green apple, spices, toasted walnut, brie compote and Brie cheese as well as The Tropicale, a wrap on the sweet side that contains coconut cream custard, almond brittle and tropical fruits.
Safe to say that Chez Elle turned me into a bit of a glutton.

Oh yeah, and I left with a coconut macaroon. It was succulent, but I'll admit that I would have liked to have seen macarons on the menu since it is a French restaurant. Overall, a must-try.

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