Saturday, April 7, 2012

At the Vanity - Benefit's "Hervana" blush and "Hello Flawless!" foundation

I recently described how much I liked Benefit's "Finding Mr. Bright" kit, and I wanted to talk about two of the brand's other products that I own that I'm a fan of as well - Hervana blush and Hello Flawless! foundation.

Hervana blush contains four pink shades arranged within the box in a pinwheel fashion, so that when a brush is swiped across the surface and then applied to cheeks, a single cool-toned, dusky rose hue appears to brighten up a complexion. I like this blush because it is user friendly; you can swipe just once for a slightly-darker-than-sheer pop of color, or layer the shade for more pigment.

Hello Flawless foundation has medium-to-full coverage that can be applied once for light coverage, or can be layered more than once for a more airbrushed finish. Though it is oil-free, it does have a slightly dewy finish to it. One thing I really like about this foundation is the addition of PA+++ sunscreen. PA+++, unlike regular SPF, actually protects the dermis of the skin instead of just the upper epidermis, so the UVA rays of sunlight that cause wrinkles and sunspots aren't able to penetrate when properly applied.

Both products have been applied with just a single swipe on my arm, thus why they are barely perceptible. But as we learned above, more than one application will deepen the opacity of these babies in no time.

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