Sunday, April 8, 2012

At the Vanity - Violent Lips temporary lip tattoos

Similar to how a fly is mesmerized by a light, I am mesmerized by anything containing shimmer, glitter or shine.

When I saw a video tutorial recently on how to wear a new product - temporary lip tattoos - my interest and excitement immediately piqued. I had to acquire a pair for myself. Luckily for me, amongst the lip designs offered such as zebra print, pink polka dots, and the American flag, there were four glitter shades named, fittingly, The Glitterati. I bought pink, red and silver Glitterati packs (each pack comes with three lip tattoos) so that I would be stocked up for any occasion that called for vibrant, fun makeup.

The instructions for applying the lip tattoo are listed on the back of each wrapper and are pretty self-explanatory. There are also several online tutorials that guide people on the application process. Also, should you wish to see celebrities and bloggers sporting some of the other designs that Violent Lips offers, simply type 'Violent Lips' into Google's search, and then click on images.

The one issue I had was with where to snip the paper if my lips fell inside of the given parameters. For instance, the instructions say never to cut from the very top of the lip shape, nor from the bottom. I found, however, that my lip shape is much more of a curving cupid's lip than the wider shape seen here, so I snipped a bit from both the top and the bottom on my second tattoo so as to create a curve that fit my own lip shape, and found it to then fit better than the first tattoo I tried, which was a bit too big for my lips.

First try: Red Glitterati

Second attempt: Pink Glitterati

See how the shape fits much better the second time around. Others may have no issues on their first time wearing these, but for me, practice made perfect.

I was pretty psyched about it. Not only was I sporting some seriously glitter bedecked smackers, but the top and bottom tattoos weren't catching on each other. Hooray! Because it isn't attractive to be talking to someone and have to excuse yourself so that you can peel one lip away from the other.

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