Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great design - Cosmetics

Innovation is a key component to great design and packaging, as novelty catches a consumer's eye and entices her in to take a closer look. Innovation is what makes a product stand out from the pack, even if beyond the packaging there are no discernible differences between Product A and Product B. 

It's safe to say that I'm a happy, much-inspired individual after browsing sites like The Dieline, Core77 and Behance, all of which provide constantly updated arrays of products and places that have been gifted with lovely, visual awesomeness.

To marry two of my great loves - beauty products and package design - here are a few of the brands that stand out from the crowd, and how they've carved a niche for themselves.

1. Mor Cosmetics is an Australian line of bath & body products, cosmetics and fragrance that prides itself on its beautiful packaging. Actually, if you read the 'About Us' section on Mor's website, you'll note that more information is given about the outside of the products as opposed to the ingredients. Mor prides itself on having some of the prettiest-designed products on the market. I guess you could say that Mor Cosmetics is the cool kid in the room and it knows it.

(Fresh Lychee, left, and French Vanilla, right, Lip Macarons)

(Indian Pomeo, left, and Italian Blood Orange, right, Emporium Collection soaps)

(Marshmallow Body Butter, left, and Belladonna Lip Nectar, right)
(images c/o

2. Lollia is similar to Mor Cosmetics in that they both create bath & body products, perfumes and candles, but Lollia also designs bedding as well as sleepwear apparel. All products are feature the pastel, Victorian wallpaper-esque designs that lend a girly, yet romantic appeal. Also like Mor, Lollia's About section on its website gives much ado to its signature packaging and distinctive, luxurious designs. My favorite Lollia products are the candles, due in large part to the range of names that describe each scent, such as, 'I Can Still Smell The Rain', 'Silently Across The Snow', 'When The Leaves Turn' and 'Staring At The Ceiling'. I can actually visualize each of these scenes in my head and almost smell the scent that would accompany them. Brilliant, brilliant. 

(Calm Shea Butter Handcreme, left, and Relax Eau de Parfum, right)

(Tomorrow No.77, left, and Stacks Of Pretty Paper No. 18, right, candles)
(images c/o

3. Urban Decay is a popular cosmetics brand whose aesthetic is less about the luxurious and pretty, and is instead focused on the appeal of alternative, gritty design. The line of single eyeshadows is my favorite offering from the brand, as each is contained within a metallic disk made to look like a subway token. Another plus for the brand comes from the funny, tongue-in-cheek names of the shades carried within each product. For instance, some of the eyeshadow shades are named 'Mildew', 'S&M', 'Smog' and 'Virgin', while two lipsticks have been dubbed 'Oil Slick' and 'Peroxide'. Another fun series of products is the line of primers for face, cheek and lips, which all are called "primer potions". As such, they have been made to look like tiny genie bottles. Cheeky, indeed. 

(My eyeshadow, Baked)

(Eden, left, and Original, right, Eyeshadow Primer Potions)
(image c/o

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