Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Local Spotlight - Bloom Bath and Body

Bloom Bath and Body is a small women's boutique in Lawrence that carries product designed to pamper. From the uber-soft pajamas that line the upstairs loft to the candles, body lotions and lip balms that dot every table and shelf, the store is a smorgasbord of items dedicated to the sole purpose of providing a sense of decadent luxury to whomever should own them. Even Bloom's location - situated above an in-ground pizza parlor - adds to its inviting appeal.

Upon entering the store, there is a tiny staircase to the right that leads up into a loft area that hosts an array of pajamas, books, coin purses, stationery, scarves and other enticing odds and ends.

Straight ahead are several tables and shelves that are stocked full of heavenly aroma-ed items. Literally, if there is something that can contain a scent, it can probably be found dwelling in this area. And since men usually come in looking to buy something for their lady loves, Bloom has created small gift boxes wherein are pre-selected goodies. These remind me of Easter baskets for adults.

Brands such as Tokyo Milk, Lollia and Love & Toast are prominently displayed, with little nooks in the store designed to house each line. On a side note, these brands have the most amazing packaging and design. And since I'm a sucker for beautiful packaging, the mix of pastel colors, gilt font and box borders,  and medieval/Victorian illustrations roped me in before I even got close enough to determine if I liked the actual fragrances. Ah, such are the first world pains that I go through on the regular.

 Pastels + roses = Chelsea is a goner.

And behold...the wall of soap, courtesy of Pre de Provence. If you read my earlier post on local shop Au Marche, I've given two thumbs up to this brand before. As for the wall, if you're looking for a specific scent,  it's there. Or, would you rather choose your bar based on your favorite color? Be my guest.

If you're looking for a girly wonderland that will delight the senses, do stop by Bloom Bath and Body. Your nose will thank you.

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