Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In this Issue No. 8 - Yellow dresses

No. 8 - I've been in the market for a yellow dress for a good year now, ever since a) I came to the realization last year that I actually do look okay wearing the color yellow and b) I saw so many beautiful incarnations of yellow dresses that came down the pre-fall 2012 and spring/summer 2012 runways.

To flesh out point a from above; I have only owned two yellow pieces of apparel in my entire lifetime. The first yellow-hued item was a pair of rainboots from J. Crew, because puddles are more fun to hop in when you're wearing brightly colored boots. The second item was a bright running jacket.

And that's it. Not to throw my mom under the bus or anything, but she told me from an early age never to wear yellow as it would wash me out. This belief was so indoctrinated into my skull that I avoided that color like the plague. But after years of looking longingly at other people wearing the shade, I wanted to give it a go.

I've kept two magazine clippings, one from InStyle and the other via Glamour, tacked to my inspiration board to serve as daily reminders for me to stay on the lookout for a lovely yellow dress to call my own.

I haven't found a "for-sure-going-to-buy" dress yet, but there are two that I've had my eye on.

The first, from Urban Outfitters, is a lacy number in a color that sits somewhere between mustard and highlighter fluid on the yellow color chart.

(photo c/o

The second, 'Vamos' by Nanette Lepore, is punctuated with eyelet lace in a bright, golden shade with sheer paneling near the neckline. It would indeed be a splurge, so I'm counting on all of you guys to feel my pain and hopefully send me this as a gift in the mail. Because that would be such a wonderful way to celebrate welcoming yellow into my life.

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