Saturday, April 7, 2012

Creator of Parlour Theno logo - Lauren Maibach

Talented graphic designer, very good friend of mine, and all-around amazing person, Lauren Maibach, created the Parlour Theno logo. She literally took my mood board and made an amazing piece of art that concisely summed up everything I wanted for this little spot. Check out her handiwork on my phone cover below.

She even indulged my slight obsession with logo design a few years ago when I meandered into her room to ask her a question and ended up taking several of her font and graphics design books from her shelf and browsed through them while she sat at her desk and worked on a project.

Her portfolio is quite impressive as well, and can be seen here at her namesake,

I'm infatuated with her creations for Vino Vita, a wine bar that caters to younger, newer wine drinkers. The idea of the bar is to inform patrons about wine while serving quality options at affordable prices. Pictured are menus, mailers, reminder sheets over what was learned at each wine discussion, wine myths, promo cards, etc.

How I wish I could handily comprise such attractive designs. Le sigh. I will just keep on keeping on through my use of words, that other art form for which I have a great love.

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